The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging

Before we get deep into the concepts of Guest Blogging, let us understand the concept of Guest Blogging. In simple words, as the name suggests blogging on someone else’s website is Guest Blogging. The term Guest blogging is also called Guest Posting.

Guest Posting is creating blog content but for a different company’s website. Now, you may be wondering about the advantages of doing it. Guest Bloggers do so to divert traffic to their own company’s website. They usually write similar kinds of blogs related to their industry. Attracting traffic to their website helps them enhance their domain authority to high-authority domains. This, in turn, helps to create brand awareness.

As many customers go through the blogs, it helps build relationships with well-known people in the industry and get the much-needed visibility. One must not forget that Guest Blogging is a mutual understanding, and you must be aware that if you are posting on someone’s website, then you always have to dedicate a section to publish their interest as well. Guest posting turns out to be a friend for both writers and the publishers! It is a win-win concept.

Guest Blogging Goals

Before starting any work, you should have a goal in mind. Deciding it ahead of time is the primary requirement to decide the kind of blogs you should submit guest posts to. The below points summarize the aims of Guest Posting:

  • It is a tactic of marketing your products, which ultimately results in achieving a better position in your business circle.
  • Driving organic traffic to your website.
  • Gaining backlinks to your website. However, this goal should have the minimum focus, as Google does not always give thumbs-up to this.

Now, if your main focus is either the first or second point mentioned above, you will have to churn out blogs topics that attract a wide range of audiences. If you want to just accomplish the third point, then you need to find blogs with firm domain authority. This can be done easily by using free tools like Ubersuggest.

How to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities?

Well, there are several ways to discover guest blogging opportunities. You will have to begin by finding websites that are relevant to your industry. Below points explains some of the ways:

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Through Google search

The blogging websites that accept guest blogger’s content will mention a separate section that explains the guidelines for the guests to follow. Your task of finding the websites is made easy with Advanced Google Search Operators. Your search operators keywords will be like:

  • Guest Post
  • Guest Column
  • Guest article
  • Write for us
  • Suggest a Post

Prolific Guest Bloggers

Now, once you are done researching as mentioned in the first step, you will have to scan the websites to check what type of guest posts they are looking for. Simultaneously, you need to analyze the author’s ideas as well. By doing this you will understand the author’s ideas as well. Checking their social media profiles, you get an idea of what kind of content they post, and then you can start comparing if it fits your ideas or not.

Look for Competitor Backlinks

For this, you can rely on tools like Ahrefs and SEMRush. These tools make it easier for you to search for the best Guest Post opportunities that are relevant to your industry. Also, make sure to check your competitor’s websites and the backlinks they have included. If you notice them being accepted as a guest post from a different competitor, then there are high chances that your content will also be accepted.

Social Media

Nowadays, social media serves more than just connecting people. From marketing to getting sales creating awareness and so much more. Therefore, it also helps you to find opportunities for guest blogging. Search for your competitors’ profiles and run a check to see if they have promoted any of the guest posts. Use similar ways like how you search in google. Use keywords and apply filters. Follow them to keep yourself updated. You will be able to find opportunities as they get promoted.

Target Guest post sites

Guest posts will surely attract readers. Apart from that they also get new content without them spending and also you will earn a backlink to your website. This is one of the reasons why some of the websites actively look for guest contributors. Just make a list of the websites that accept Guest blogs using google tools and start prioritizing them based on your preferences.

Purchasing backlinks

What is a business without money isn’t it? Everything is commercial, so is Guest Blogging. Although getting links by spending money is against google guidelines and there are chances that you may get penalized, not everyone seems to bother about it. Because, if you are paying for guest posts that have high-quality content that supports your industry ideas, there are minimal chances of facing the consequences from Google. Hence, reach out only to vendors offering genuine guest blogging services.

Create Blog Ideas

After you are done with the tedious task of finding the best website to post your Guest Blogs, now it’s time to decide on Blog ideas. You just randomly cannot pick a topic; do a thorough research about your industry-relevant topics. Develop Ideas and make sure those ideas fit the requirements of the readers as well as the publisher.

For this, you first need to understand the audience of your publisher, and accordingly research topics that align with their interests. You may take the help of the Audience Interest Tool. This helps you to find the most researched topics. You can start by entering the URL of the website, this displays several categories and upon choosing a category, you will be given a cluster of topics that are relevant to your industry.

Check for the topics that are not being covered on the websites. Also, make sure that the content you develop will make a good fit as a Guest Post as well as generate traffic for your website through backlinks. Content Gaps can be identified by making use of the Competitor Keyword Matrix Tool. Before you start writing, make sure your content reaches your ideal audience.

Pitch a Guest Blogging Post


You being an experienced content writer, developing engaging content for Guest blogging may be easy, but your content gains value only after being published. Now, let us discuss some ideas on how to pitch for Guest Blogging Post:

  • Contact the right person: Although, Guest Blogging websites mention the details of Guest blogging, find a way to reach out to the editor or a Blog manager. Communicate and explain your ideas so that they will consider your guest post to publish on their website.
  • Check Guest Blog Guidelines: Before you start weaving your content ideas, go through the guidelines and also make sure if there are any requirements for a guest post. It is just a waste of time to cover topics or pitching to websites that no longer consider Guest Blogging.
  • Insert an eye-catching subject line: Keep in mind that you are not the only Guest Blogger pitching, there are dozens out there, pitching for the same publisher. So, when mailing your content to the publisher, make sure you add a subject line that catches the attention of the publisher. Do not add a mundane subject line like: ‘Guest Post submission’ or ‘Request for Guest post publishing’.
  • Make your mail content personal: When requesting your publisher to consider your Guest Blog, write a mail that is one-on-one communication. Do not use the promotional tone and do not make it look like you are copy-pasting the same content for every publisher on your list.
  • Highlight the benefits of your posts: Create a separate section in the mail that gives a clear idea to the publisher on the benefits they get by publishing your Guest Blog. Never stuff with irrelevant information, keep it simple and understandable.
  • Mention your previous links: Make sure to add links that display your ability as a Guest Blogger. The links you provide should showcase your proven skills so that they will consider only the pros of working with you.

Benefits you can expect from guest blogging

In Business, profit is everything. So, in this section, we will summarize some of the advantages of Guest Posting and what values you can get out of it?

  • Getting traffic to your website is one of the obvious advantages.
  • To allow call-to-action and link prospective leads to your mailing list.
  • Attracting customers is the main advantage. If your guest post is earning you money, what more do you want?
  • To earn recognition as a guest blogger.
  • To get implicit links that mention your brand name.
  • Establish a connection with the bloggers. Blog-campaigning just once is not at all worthy. So it is recommended to write to your target sites, at least once every two-three months.
  • As your blogs reach many audiences, your chance of establishing a business connection will increase.
  • As you spend more and more time as a guest writer, you will be able to understand the mindset of the audiences other than your business field.
  • As a guest writer, or to be more specific as a writer, you will get valuable feedback from different editors and professionals in the field. Their feedback helps your professional growth.
  • You will start discovering topics that weren’t your cup of tea before. This enhances your knowledge.
  • As a Guest Blogger, you can start getting more social visibility. Through these guest posting sites, you can build a larger influence through social media.
  • You can have names of big giants in your portfolio as well.

The advantages of submitting guest posts are not just limited to these, but many. As you set sail engaging in guest blogging services, you will get a deep understanding of the pros and cons of the same.

Common guest posting problems

Nothing is as easy it seems to be. Every marketing tactic has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here we discuss some of the challenges of Guest blogging:

  • Selecting the right site and an engaging topic: This you can solve by utilizing Google’s free tool and check the websites with the highest-ranking
  • Grasping the target audience: If your content is out of the topic it becomes boring. So before writing your content, understanding the audience is a must.
  • Overflowing your guest post with promotional content and backlinks: So, take the help of online tools, like Ahrefs to filter out the links.
  • Language problem: Often rewriting is a time-consuming task. With the help of a strong editorial team, your pain of rewriting can be reduced.
  • Getting traffic to your website: Even after doing everything right, you may end up not attracting people to your websites. That is why, follow smart link-building techniques. Instead of directing every time to the Home Page, direct them to relevant pages.


Guest Posting, although appears to be complicated initially, as you move ahead, you will realize it’s worth it. As you gain experience, guest blogging gains you great results. Hope this post will help you get an insight into the concept of Guest Posting services and the right way to write a successful guest blog. Here is a small reminder, if you want reliable Guest Blogging services, dial 91888 16888 and connect with us Today!

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