Things to consider for effective brochure design

brochure design

A brochure is not just an information leaflet or booklet. If designed well it serves as a promotion tool for the promoter’s group which can be a company, food chain, institution, hospital, NGO, profit-making enterprise, small business, large business, home venture, political venture, fundraisers in fact any entity.

A brochure can have a print as well as a digital version. Many websites provide links for the site visitors to download the brochure. Brochures can also be e-mailed on clients’ request. Digital brochures design can be printed in large quantities and used for promotion tools as handouts with newspapers.

A well-designed brochure saves the time as prospects and clients get comprehensive information about products, services and offers in a single copy.

A brochure is an important promotion tool and its design must be planned well so as to create the desired impact. How to achieve an effective brochure design? Well here are few triggers:

Plan brochure design for brochure objective

Brochures can be detailed or brief depending upon the objective of communication. An example of a detailed brochure would be the brochure of a college or insurance company. A brochure can have single to several leaflets or pages depending upon what needs to be communicated. A single leafed brochure is often called a pamphlet. However there is a minor differentiation. Brochures aim to compress all major information in one single booklet. Pamphlets highlight single or little information about company, entity, product, service, person or cause.

Use graphics and logos for deeper impact

graphics and logosContent research suggests that communications are best put across through a mix of different content types like text, graphics, audio and video. A digital brochure can be designed with all these different types of content. A printed brochure however has to rely on graphics and content. Brochures should make use of power content to make the maximum impact. Apart from information and promotion tool a brochure is also a brand impact tool.

Take help of product catalogue plug-ins

There are many word-press plug-in tools available online that provide user-friendly brochure design tools and templates. These can be availed at a little fee, some also offer free downloads of basic version software. The free versions have an ample number of brochure design templates to choose from. Designing brochures using online tools is as simple as drag and drop and card matching. Before making the final choice you can also see how the final brochure looks and vary to fine-tune. Get the background and design for your brochure that best goes with your purpose.

Use lightening tools

A brochure that takes ages to download can be irritable. This may happen because pages have become ‘heavy’ due to compressed data. While it is important to mention pertinent information it is at the same time required to keep the data load ‘lite’. This can be achieved through content lightening tools which enable to keep the content but lighten the page.

To sum up

A well-designed brochure creates the desired impact. It helps the sales-people in resolving client queries and closing a sales call. Effectively designed brochures connect with the targeted audience and response rate improves. A detailed brochure is a one-time promotion investment and source of content for other promotional materials like pamphlets, leaflets and short messages. The below-mentioned hacks can help to design effective brochures

  • Define communication objective
  • Summarize information
  • Highlight targeted messages
  • Keep brochure information updated
  • Use power content
  • Include a call to action
  • Make use of digital tools
  • Make digital brochure lite
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