Top 7 Strategies to Implement before 2020 for Success

Top 7 Strategies to Implement before 2020 for Success

On an average Google brings about 3,200 changes in its algorithm in a year. Well, that number is quite humongous. Anyway just think for a minute, it is about 9 changes a day. At Jootoor designs SEO Company, our sole object is only to remain on the first page, that’s it. So how to beat this gigantic company in their own turf. Here we are talking about someone with about revenue generation capacity of $100 Billion+ in a year only from Ad.

Although you can follow Google advice and work accordingly, that won’t be sufficient enough to turn tide along your side. The real game resides in leveraging technology as per your terms to rank among the top. The level of competition and the rapid changing Goggle algorithm are no way of providing helping hands.

The evolution in technology is very extensive and here provided are top 7 SEO strategies that can boost your presence for 2020 to a greater extent. Although these tips are quite advanced, if implemented they would surely show their magical power.

#1 SEO A/B Split Testing

SEO A/B Split Testing

We all come through this situation at least once in our lifetime. The sole reason for your insufficient leads is poor ranking. Want to improve your ranking? Right away make changes manually in your website and it’s done. Unsure if it’s going to work, No Issue. An SEO company can come to your help.

Yeah, there are real issues associated with you manually making changes till your site. Well, it quite very real and it might take you forever to implement these changes. In case if we are talking about a website big enough and with N number of pages, the issues got to be real.

Here come the magic wand and that technology thing we had been discussing earlier. Companies like Rank Science and Distilled ODN come up to your rescue. That’s gonna be really crazy, you’re probably no longer going to worry regarding making changes to your site.

You probably would be “wondering how’s that really possible?”

When you go to track your website, you simply install a piece of JavaScript and BOOM! You are off the races. Similarly when you install a piece of JavaScript from companies like Rank Science can make necessary changes in your HTML code without you moving a finger. Well, that’s how A/B Testing worked this many years.
This most fascinating thing is that you can keep all server password and FTP Login up to you and get your website completely optimized. And another cool aspect of them is that they can make necessary changes to your thousands of pages. This way your site can SEO friendly without troubling yourself.

#2 E-A-T


In SEO world these are the main three-letter, which can roll you up to the top. The Acronym to them stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness.

Goggle now, not only wants to rank a “GOOD” content but also a “CREDIBLE” content. “A content that can turn out to be harmful to the reader should be pulled down” That the Ideology of Google today.

If you wish to rank up, surely manipulating SEO signals can do some short term magic. There could be an SEO Company could come to your help. Whereas command over Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness would reap some real benefits in long run. It will not only boost your rank but along with bringing some real clients.

Action goals:

1. Guest Post: This thing will not boost your probable client’s confidence in you but also build you an overall Brand.
2. Deliver speeches at the conference: This straight away helps you with E-A-T. In recent years, if you haven’t spoken at any of the events, it time to connect with your future clients.
3. Awards and Recognition: This is way important to generate the right amount of confidence in your people. An award distinguishes your skillset and separates you from the rest.

 #3 Host HTML Files from a CDN


In today’s fast pacing world, we all are well acquainted with how crucial speed and timing are inter-related in terms of ranking. A reduced load time greatly boosts you’re your conversion rate. Looking in history how Walmart worked upon on their load time, reduced by a second and resulted in a conversion rate enhanced by 2%.

In the current time, the search devices are not only secluded to PC or Laptops, but there have also been a lot amount of mobile devices involved too. So steady load time and speed are what matters the most.

Well, we all try to choose a server go with us despite any fall, the optimum of all and with perfect location. In spite of shelling major bills on server, there is an issue of lagging and slow access for visitors on-site far away from the location. No one wants to lose or even diminish the confidence of his visitor, but a slow site would do it all.

An [CDN] as named as Content Delivery Network would definitely be game-changer. There are services like Cloudflare which can cache your images and static content. This saved content can be readily provided to the server closest to your website visitor location. This elevates their website access and enhances their experience.
Letting your HTML pages delivered from CDN would also turn beneficial for search ranking s and conversion rates.

#4 Multi-Lingual Title Tag Tests

Multi-Lingual Title Tag Tests

Similar to that of Rank Science tool as discussed earlier, a fascinating tool named Clickflow is useful for title tags. The benefit it offers is to automatically check “title tag” & “meta description”. All you need to put a JavaScript by Clickflow under it and it starts running tests automatically.

It is very effective in keeping you away from regularly changing things. The most crucial thing about it is that very few SEO are squinted with the real power of real title tag split testing. Here comes the crux where you completely rely upon and go with rising traffic.

Key Takings:

1. Title tags with Questions generate about 14.1 % more clicks than normal ones.
2. Title tags with about 15 to 40 characters leave a maximum impact upon viewers and generate more clicks.
3. Leveraging a right mixture of emotions can increase Clicks. Meta tags associated with emotions enhance about 7% more clicks.
4. A year addition can drastically enhance your CTR, well a lot of us are interested in History.

#5 FAQ page Schema Markup

FAQ page Schema Markup

FAQ page markup is a magic wand that can leverage the right amount of traffic to your side. To many people, it might be leaving the right-hand trick away. There is a lot of commotion among the people, that if you provide FAQ-based questions, there lasts nothing got them to visit your website.

There is Google by along your side, it makes sure people do visit your site. Well, do you remember E-A-T we discussed earlier, that’s your point to win google interest?

#6 Content Clusters

Content Clusters

You have a website, then you must be for sure about the right content available over there. Most of us go with tools like Ubersuggest and got over with maximum searches.

Most of us lack an important thing, which is a clustering of your content. This might lead you bunch a lot of pages with similar content. Well, that’s a lot confusing for Google to go with. There an expert SEO Company could come to your rescue.

The Optimum solution is to go with clustering your content and improvising your site ranking. One can also refer to the 8 chapters mentioned that provide the solution to your every problem over Beginners Guide to SEO by Moz

#7 Conquer the world

Well, that’s not over ambitioning, the tips we discussed earlier above are sufficient to conquer the world with your expertise. Google, on the other hand, has a lot chunk of content coming in English from all over the sites and well great enough to engage the right reader.

The real benefit came from non-other than translating your top-ranking English content into some other demanding language. That’s what google desires, it wants to cater to people in every language and every front. Translating your some crunchy content and tools can bring in some real organic traffic from various domains.
Well, if you want to be a Global company in the future, that’s what should be your next move.


The duration of which you have been doing SEO is not at all a concern, there always space left for something more to do. No matter how rapidly is google going on with its modifications. There exists a lot of space to work upon and succeed.

The above strategies discussed are worth implementing. These would directly be reflected on results obtained. In today’s time, SEO is nor a simple marketing tactic, but requires a lot of engineering in it. To succeed one needs to get hands upon a more technically sound SEO Company for your 2020 strategy. There Jootoor Designs can give you helping hands and put you on a ladder to success for 2020.

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