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Top 8 Logo Designs For Brands In 2020

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The advent of the latest trends has already begun announcing the stepping of a New Decade. We have prepared the listicle of Top-up & Coming Logo designs for 2020. These Logo Design Services are certainly a mashup of Intriguing Old Designs to Quirky latest trends.

Logo Designs trends have already left us perplexed at various times with their major throwbacks. The latest combination of chrome and 80s neon contrast was one of them. Whereas Logo’s today have a predominance of complex animations and 3D Gradients.

The success of branding is backed by creativity and a deep understanding of business driving strategies. Expert Logo Designers at Jootoor Designs Bangalore deeply understand intrinsic qualities of Logo Designs that drive your business.

The latest trends in Logo designs for 2020 will keep on adjoining us. Since designers have been meticulously trying to diverge the trend into something new and fresh. Let’s take a plunge into top Logo Designs we would be surrounded with, in the coming decade.

Here are the Top 8 Logo Design trends that you would be

Surrounded within 2020:

  1. 3D Gradients
  2. 80s Throwback Logo Designs
  3. Raw & Imperfect Logo’s
  4. Geometric Composition backed Logo’s
  5. Vintage 1930s Cartoon Logo’s
  6. Multi-layered & Overlapping Logo’s
  7. Complex Animation with Elaborated Logo’s
  8. Daring Typography

Let’s see and understand each of these magical pieces, which we are goanna around ourselves in 2020.

3D Gradients

The Dawn of 2020 will continue to see a sloping gradient towards assimilating and evolving around 3D figures. Any way 3D Gradients perfectly synchronise with our Techy-Millennial generation.

The very reason for the success of 3D Gradients has been their capability to resonate life and energy. They have been always a go to-go option for imbibing group of colours and turning into a dynamic spectrum of colors.

What’s on Platter for 2020?

80s Throwback Logo Designs

Things especially objectified as Retro and belong to 80s have seen their considerable time. The video games, Pop Music and designs that offered an attitude that brought a coolness of its own. In 2020, one can expect a modified form of these 80’s things assimilated with a modern outlook.

The most prominent aspect with 80’s Logo Designs was that they are backed by consumer’s nostalgia. It is a lot easier to influence target audience by being cool, Retro and most prominently collectable. Get yourself the most unique customized Logo designs at optimum prices.

What’s on Platter for 2020?

Raw & Imperfect Logos

Just after the most famous digital perfection, the imperfection of hand-drawn Logo’s hold a great interest among people. Hand-drawn Logo reflected a rusty and authentic look to brand. Brands looking forward to targeting a specific nature of the audience reflecting a personality of a brand is very handy.

Raw & Imperfect Logos are very effective in connecting with an audience that has the intrigue of asymmetry, shading & cross-hatching in Logos.

What’s on Platter for 2020?

Geometric Composition backed Logo’s

Since everything we see around us has been illustrating an edgy look, so are the Logo’s taking a Geometric outlook. Theories like Sacred Geometry & Golden Ratio principles have greatly influenced us. Designers are often looking into various techniques to replicate them for millennials.

Why do some Logo’s succeed very much? Well, going into details one can find it’s geometric design rules that played a predominant role.

What’s on Platter for 2020?

Vintage 1930s Cartoon Logo’s

As in like 80’s trend we discussed initially, Vintage 1930s Cartoon Logo’s designs bring their own set of nostalgia. In a fast-paced where everything has been day & night, these Logo’s bring a feeling familiarity. The vintage comforting look of cartoon logo’s helps people connect with each other.

Brands looking to connect with their audience and be appealing, still rely upon these Logo’s. The very specialty of these 1930’s logo designs is that the right spot of audience emotions. A Logo that can connect with the audience is truly efficient in branding the company’s ideology.

 What’s on Platter for 2020?

Multi-layered & Overlapping Logo’s

The Logo designer is no longer restraining their creativity and exploring untouched grounds through layers of colours. The Multi-layered & Overlapping Logo’s have surpassed the boundaries of flat & semi-flat designs.

The basic colours and shapes are still the soul of Multi-layer Logo’s. The life infusing elements are highlights, overlapping & shadows of colours. We at Jootoor designs Bangalore offer some very intriguing Multi-layered & Overlapping Logo’s for brands. The distinguishing elements in this type of logo are that they communicate more effectively for the brand.

What’s on Platter for 2020?

Complex Animation with Elaborated Logo’s

It has been a long time we all have been acquainted with the versatility of animated Logo’s. Whereas today’s designers are more into experimenting by making them more complex, interesting and backed by brand ideology.

In general animated Logo’s have been very simple. The very thought of experimenting with this animated logo came from a wide perspective in terms of digital screen logo’s.

What’s on Platter for 2020?

Daring Typography

A very different façade of Logo’s can be expected in 2020. Designers are ditching old fashion rules of Logo’s. Daring typography Logo’s are sort of elevating text in a sort of focal point image of a brand.

These logos comprise of funky designs backed by some daring fonts. They can be very effective in revamping a complete brand ideology.

What’s on Platter for 2020?


New Decade is all set to bring on some new design trends. These latest logo design trends will truly kick-off a revolution to continue for years. The designers at Jootoor designs are already boosted up to deliver the latest logo designs in 2020. Only time will tell how effective among these 8 Logo designs survive the turf of brand marketing.

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