Learn about the Best and Worst Backlink practices

Whether you need it or not, Search Engine judges the quality of your website. Today Google’s search engine algorithms have been updated over a thousand times, only to make it better and sophisticated. Despite the fact algorithms are evolving on every version, backlinks still remain the top ranking factor.

Though the importance of backlinks remains the same, different types of backlinks have been introduced over the past years. These influence how the search engine deals with the website links. So, any effective SEO plan definitely involves how you acquire backlinks.

The authenticity and trustworthiness of your website are judged mainly by this one factor, Backlinks! Just for your knowledge, not every link will have a positive impact on your website. Not every link will drive website traffic.

So then, what are the factors that impact the link value?

The below factors influence the quality of the links. Read on to know how to validate them.

  • Difference between No-Follow and Do-Follow
  • On-site Link Location
  • Authority of the linking site

Difference between No-Follow and Do-Follow

Attributes of a backlink are categorized based on No-Follow and Do-Follow.

The Do-Follow links add more value to SEO, as they provoke search engines to crawl and index web pages. On the contrary, the No-Follow links, as the name suggests, signals the search engines to ignore them. This results in lowering the SEO value.

Recently added attributes by Google:

  1. rel=sponsored
  2. rel=ugc

UGC in rel=ugc is user-generated links, while rel=sponsored attribute is used when linking for monetary benefits.

If your aim is to enhance the authority of your website, then it is recommended to use the rel attribute of a Do-Follow link. That does not mean No-follow links do not gain you any benefit, when used in the right way even they are capable of getting qualified traffic.

On-Site Link Location

The SEO value is obtained based on the location of the backlink on the corresponding website.

Wondering how? If a backlink is placed on a page of the corresponding website that is most visited, then there are high chances of driving traffic to your website.

Authority of the linking site

Backlink quality is the authority of the site from which you gained. If you establish backlinks from well-known sites, they tell the search engine bots to better classify your website.


Based on the way you receive them, backlinks can be classified into three fundamental types:

  1. Outreach Backlinks
  2. Natural Backlinks
  3. Paid Backlinks


Outreach Backlinking is a technology where you use a hyperlink to your website with other website owners or bloggers who belong to your industry.

In this situation, you approach them individually and show why you must generate backlinks for your website. For reliable backlink assistance, Jootoor Designs can be your best partner.


Natural backlinks are links that you get because other people in the digital world think your content is interesting enough to link to. For such high-quality content services, you can always rely on Jootoor Designs. For more details, collaborate with us.

Therefore, whenever you provide user-focused, educational, and high-quality material on your website, you are more likely to acquire backlinks.

And sure, more natural, search engines favor backlinks.


Paid Backlinks are links you buy, generally relating to your specialty, from other websites. Buy backlinks that enable you to make search engines more relevant and boost the exposure of your website.

These are the kind of Backlinks Google, and other search engines detest, meaning you’re in great difficulties tracking your backlink trails.


The basic objective of link building is to enhance your website’s exposure in search engines and achieve higher rankings.
The below kind of backlinks can assist you in effectively optimizing your website for search engines.

  1. Guest Blogging Backlinks
  2. Business Profile Backlinks
  3. Webinar Backlinks
  4. Editorial Backlinks
  5. Free to use Backlinks
  6. Blogger Outreach Backlinks


If you publish guest articles to other websites or blogs, you will develop backlinks to your website. You may increase the traffic on your website by generating high-quality content to post your link. Moreover, you also acquire the trust of website proprietors, so that they really offer you more profitable chances in the days ahead.


For your brand or business, you generate a digital profile using numerous platforms, including business reports, social networking sites, industry directories, and more. From any of these websites, you may effortlessly create backlinks to your website.


A webinar backlink directs viewers to a live online session. Following the conclusion of the webinar, the organizers will email a link to view the videos. In addition, many businesses may construct a webinar ahead of time and then play it as if it were a live webinar. In this case, the firm sometimes even creates pre-created questions and answers them as if they’re live on the recorded webinar.

A Webinar offers comprehensive educational material that is helpful to everyone in the sector. To educate their visitors, people will automatically generate hyperlinks to your website.


When material from one website connects to another in the form of a blog post, this is known as an editorial backlink. But it doesn’t have to be a blog article either. This sort of backlink may be created if another website contains a valuable information source, which mentions someone from your business or connects to a section of your blog.

As a result, visitors to your website will rely on you and pay you a visit!


Isn’t it hard to find someone who does not appreciate the compliments?

Yes, the statement is relevant to the topic. Another successful approach to attracting visitors to link back to your website is to provide a free utility.

This free product may be a stripped-down version of a popular paid tool, bringing more prospects your way. If feasible, incorporate a call to action button that prompts people to join up for the full version.


Blogger coverage links are, as the name indicates, links that you get by contacting bloggers that have a common base with you. Due to this circumstance, putting hyperlinks in these niches-specific sites might offer the chance for you to acquire potential consumers.

Yes, you only need to channel your digital marketing approach when you have what they want to show them how best you can accomplish what many people are doing.


1. Guest Post Bio Backlinks

In certain circumstances, a website that accepts your guest post will not enable you to include a backlink in the main body of the text.

You may always include a backlink to your guest post author’s bio in cases such as these. Although this sort of backlink does not work as well as other SEO backlinks, it nevertheless can offer value to your portfolio.

2. Press Release Backlinks

Press releases notify media sources about breaking news regarding your firm and its offerings. They’re also an excellent source of high-quality, authoritative backlinks.

To obtain links from press releases, create a press release and disseminate it to media outlets, including links back to your website in the release. Your SEO will benefit too from journalists screening and publishing content elsewhere on platforms.

3. Comment Backlinks

These are the links you make when you comment on other blogs with your website. In most blogs, you may put your name, e-mail address, and website address in the comment section. Upon approval of your remark, you frequently create a link that goes back to the web address that you have provided.

Spammers frequently target blogs, so you should only leave real comments. There’s more to blog comments than just collecting backlinks; they’re also a wonderful method to network with other bloggers.

4. Acknowledgment Backlinks

These connections emerge when a website references another brand in relation to their business relationships. Normally they offer little material about the link, other than a quick company and relationship description.

The greatest approach to build Acknowledgement backlinks to your website is to always look at your business rivals for the type of events they attend and then make an intelligent decision that will help your organization some or the other way.

5. Badge Backlinks

Badge backlinks in the shape of award symbols can be published on other websites and blogs. If it is acceptable for your sector, you may utilize this technique to get connections to your website.

To place the recipient on their website, you must provide the receiver with a link to your website. These kinds of badge linkages with bloggers are popular.

You may, for instance, list the best websites to award each badge. Here you must be imaginative. Badge backlinks are difficult to get, therefore it is not suited for everybody.


Well, after an elaborated content relating to links that enhance your website ranking, now we have reached the last part of the blog, i.e., types of links that you need to avoid.

When you establish a link to your site, make sure you do not have the following links, as these links will only do more harm than good.

  1. Irrelevant Directory Backlinks
  2. PBN (Private Blogged Networks) Backlinks
  3. Forum Backlinks
  4. Non-Newsworthy Backlinks


It will not work if you establish unauthentic profiles linked to your business or brand on industry directories for the express goal of gaining links.

Furthermore, it will erase off all the trust of your business and undermine your previous SEO efforts.


A private blog network is generally controlled by a single individual and created for the express aim of selling the connections by a single group of blogs or sites. In general, the website in the network, simply has a few pages and is never updated.

If this behavior occurs on a website, Google retains the right to penalize and possibly delete the website based on the degree of spam.


Forums are locations where people discuss quality and share industry-related information. As long as you link up to train novices and other professionals in the industry, this is genuine.

However, again, you will fall short of quality if you visit these digital fora solely to create links. They will only have detrimental consequences.


Press releases may, of course, make your target audience aware of brands and connect back to your website.

It is not a good idea, nevertheless, to disseminate your brand news that your consumers cannot provide value. Backlinks in such news releases are spamming and solely damaging to your site.


Backlinks are a necessary component of search engine optimization. And the fact is the quality of the backlinks rules the scenario, and it is not the number of backlinks that matter.
You cannot underestimate the impact of quality backlinks if you wish to increase the ranks of your search results. It is a significant sign that search engines such as Google can trust a site.

Create and showcase user-friendly content that creates opportunities for natural backlinks to and from your website. This will handsomely reward your SEO work.

Of course, building Backlinks is a tedious and time-consuming assignment.

And since, you cannot ignore the importance of backlinks; we at Jootoor Designs are always at your side. We create quality Backlinks for your website. All you need to do is dial the number and place your queries. Our executive will come back to you in no time to serve you with the best industry prices.

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