Types of Logos and the Way to Use Them

types of logo

While considering some crucial factors to make your business successful, you should also focus on your brand logo. It tends to make or break your business. The logo of your brand describes everything about your business and works effectively when it comes to tantalizing the sense of your potential customers. Thus, it surges sales of your products and services.

In other words, a logo not only helps in creating a brand identity but also plays a vital role in ensuring your business success. So, while designing your brand logo, you need to be highly careful and make sure it complements the type, nature, etc. of your business.

Getting in touch with logo designers in Bangalore helps you in creating a powerful logo for your brand to create a lasting impression on your target customers. Let’s discuss here some popular types of logos and also the way to use them.

Top 6 Types of Logos and the Best way to Use Them

  1. Abstract Logo
  2. Monogram or Lettermarks Logo
  3. Mascot Logo
  4. Brand Mark Logo
  5. Wordmark Logo
  6. Letterforms Logo

01) Abstract Logo


While talking about different types of logos, it’s important to start from the Abstract logo that is all about pictorial representation of your brand. It doesn’t advocate using pictures of any real-life objects.

The Abstract logo is a unique symbol tailored to match your business type. For instance, the logo of some popular brands such as Adidas and others are some better recognized Abstract logos.

How to Use it?

Before using the Abstract logo, make sure your logo includes an appropriate design with a complete message. It’s important to focus on logo marks and also ensure the message is easy to understand and doesn’t get misinterpreted with the design.

02) Monogram or Lettermarks Logo


As the name suggests, Monogram or Lettermarks is another popular type of logo that consists of only a few letters of brand name to create an identity among the target audience. The logo consists of basically two or three initial letters of brand name, which are written in an attention-seeking form.

So, one can easily recognize it. Brand names such as HCL, IBM, CNN, and others are popular examples of Monogram or Lettermarks logo.

How to Use it?

Before using the Monogram or Lettermarks logo, it’s vital to ensure that it boasts of simplicity, special fonts, etc.

03) Mascot Logo

kool aid

When it comes to the Mascot logo, it lets you excel-in your brand with funny characters, cartoons, etc. It uses an illustrated character to represent your brand and thus, helps you in enjoying a great reputation among your target audience.

It acts as your brand spokesperson and ensures your market success. Many brands such as KFC, MDH, and others are blessed with an eye-catchy Mascot logo.

How to Use?

Before using your Mascot logo, you need to ensure it includes the matching character to your business, personality of the character, poses, outfits, emotions, etc.

04) Brand Mark Logo


Also famous as pictorial marks, Brand Mark logo mainly consists of an icon, symbol, etc. to represent any brand. It includes real-life objects to describe the story of your business to draw the attention of people.

The image describes the types of products and services you deal with and thus helps you in strengthening your market position.

For instance, the logo of brands like Apple, Twitter, Instagram, and others better represent the Brand Mark logo.

How to Use it?

Make sure your Brand Mark logo is splendid before using it. To make your logo attention-grabbing, you can do several things like choosing the right color, typography, design style, etc.

05) Wordmark Logo

coca cola

Though the Wordmark logo is similar to the Lettermarks, there is indeed a certain difference between them. The former is focused on the full name of brands whereas later includes only a few letters of brand names.

In other words, the Wordmark logo is a brand name written in a unique way accompanied by an attractive typeface. For instance, some popular brands such as CocaCola, Google, Pepsi, and others are the right examples of Wordmarks logos.

How to Use it?

Since the Wordmark logo uses the full name of your brand so you should craft it uniquely. To make your logo attractive, you should use a branded typeface, display interface, choose an overused typeface, create a focal point, etc.

06) Letterforms Logo


The Letterforms logo is also described as letter logos. It uses a single letter (preferably the first letter) of the brand name to represent your business. It’s, of course, challenging to use only a single letter to create the identity of any brand.

So, it is used in a bold and attention-seeking way to titillate the mind of the audience at the first glimpse. For instance, Yahoo, WordPress, MacDonald, etc. are some popular examples of brands using the Letterforms logo.

How to Use it?

As mentioned above, the logo consists of only a single letter. So, it should be memorable, eye-catchy, and tantalizing to seek the attention of people. Make sure your logo includes a great color scheme, dramatic backdrop, special font, backdrop, etc.


So, after going through the above details, you are now expected to have a clear idea about the most appropriate logo for your brand. Explore details about some reputed logo providers and hire the right one that can deliver you the right product.

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