The Role of Online Video Editing in Content Creation and Marketing

Online Video Editing

Social media has become the place to go for digital marketing. Using all the available tools can make a brand stand out and help its products reach the audience. From clever and imaginative posts to educational infographics and interviews – digital marketers have many options. But one format is number one at the moment: video.

According to Statista, in 2022, video content has reached 91.8% of internet users across the globe. This extraordinary number is just one of many confirmations that creating marketing videos for your business is one of the best ways to reach out to your customers and introduce them to your brand.

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With that said, the competition on social media is serious, and you will be going head-to-head with at least a couple of companies. So you want to attract customers? Consider learning how to make quality video content that will make someone stop scrolling and pay attention to your words.

That is why you should invest time reading as much as possible about various tools and skills that could help you on this journey. Let’s dive deeper into the subject and explore the exciting world of videos and content creation!

What is Video Content?

To put it as simply as possible, video content is any content made in the video format. These can be uploaded to YouTube as full-length videos or shorts. Brands also love using TikTok and Instagram Reels for sharing videos. Most marketing strategies nowadays include video content because it improves customer relationships and builds brand trust.

A recent study by Wyzowl revealed that 91% of businesses have been using videos in their marketing strategies, which only validates the popularity of social media platforms and video content. There are so many types of video content out there, and every business can find the one that could attract their target audience.

The best part is that you don’t have to be a videographer to develop unique ideas, film gorgeous shots, and edit the footage. There are many tools available out there designed to help you on this creative journey.

Benefits of Video Content for Digital Marketing

Everybody loves video content nowadays. Even Instagram, a social media platform based around images, launched Reels in February 2022, making the service available worldwide. Reels was Meta’s response to the success of TikTok, a platform that took the world by storm in 2020 and remains at the top of their game even now.

Let’s not forget YouTube, which is still strong after all these years. Audiences love long-form videos and can get everything they need on YouTube. The numbers speak for themselves because YouTube has over 2.7 billion active users.

Since videos aren’t going anywhere soon, it is time to include them in your social media marketing strategy or improve your work by using online video editing tools and trying out new projects. These can do wonders for productivity and revamp the look of your content. Let’s talk about why you need more video content on your social media right now:

Better ROI

According to the same study by Wyzowl, 83% of digital marketers confirmed they had an excellent return on investment from video content. If you look at some brand videos on Instagram or TikTok, you might think their marketing teams have a seemingly endless budget for production and filming. While that might be true for some larger companies, most digital marketers don’t spend a fortune on video content.

First, your phone camera is a powerful tool for recording high-quality videos. The footage looks incredible when uploaded. Therefore, you don’t have to invest in new equipment and latest cameras. Secondly, you will need software to edit your video content, which can be done on your computer and phone. Most video editing apps offer free trials for their premium features, so make sure you try them out before you purchase a full version. Therefore, you don’t need a large budget to create an eye-catching video. Instead, focus on fresh ideas and listen to your audience. As a result, the ROI will increase.

Easy to Learn

Learning new skills could be overwhelming for most of us, which is okay. Perhaps you have never made a video for social media before and think the process is complicated. Luckily, the creators of various video editing platforms are aware that many users will be starting from scratch, and they offer blog posts and other valuable resources that could guide you every step of the way.

Platforms have templates perfect for learning and experimenting with video content. Try out the available options, add your sounds, and see what you can create with the help of the software. Make sure you get to know the interface and all the available options because they could be practical down the road.

Feedback from friends and family could also help you learn and perfect your style. Share your creations with them and ask what you could improve. And don’t forget to have fun! Video content should be relatable and friendly because that is the best way to connect with your followers and work on brand loyalty.

Improved SEO

If you decide to create videos for YouTube, don’t forget to add keywords to the title itself. This simple move could put your video at the top of Google search results since YouTube content usually appears first on the search page. Doing a little bit of SEO keyword research doesn’t take too much time, but combining it with video content might improve your brand’s visibility and prompt people to visit your website.

Furthermore, filming YouTube content and adding keywords will make your videos appear in YouTube search results. Educational and informative videos are huge right now, so find a way to film videos that are valuable to the audience and give insight into your brand. Your YouTube channel could grow quickly, and more people will be interested in your products or services.

Work on the Videos Anywhere

One of the best parts of digital marketing is that you can collaborate with team members regardless of the location. All you need to do is use cloud storage and secure file sharing. Cloud storage is perfect for keeping all the necessary files and videos in one place, and you can work on creating new content from the comfort of your home or on the road.

While it is hard to crack TikTok’s algorithm, it is clear that the key is to be active on the platform and post as often as possible. The same goes for Instagram Reels. Therefore, having access to the files at any time is a must. That said, secure file sharing should also be a priority because of cybercrime.

The freedom to edit videos anywhere could also be inspiring and give you more ideas for future projects. Not to forget that secure file sharing is yet another reason why video editing is now easier than ever. Your team members can see what you have created and provide feedback instantly.

Enhanced Brand Image

Video content is one of the best ways of presenting your brand and helping potential customers learn more about your products and services. Your audience needs to get familiar with your brand and everything it can do to improve their daily routine. And video format is ideal for that.

But the power of video content goes beyond that. It is the go-to tool for building strong relationships with your audience. All it takes is honesty and willingness to make your customer a part of your brand. For instance, behind-the-scenes videos are a favorite among many because they give your customers an insight into your brand’s culture. And not to forget that these types of videos are super fun to make.

Brands collaborate with influencers regularly, and they are a huge part of crafting an image of a brand. Invite one of the influencers you collaborate with to sit down for an interview. This type of content is beneficial for both sides. Finally, use videos to introduce new products and services. The product reveals should be informative and create a buzz about an upcoming release.

Learning Online Video Editing

Now that we have covered some of the benefits of video content, it is time to discuss the role of various online tools that could boost your knowledge, creativity, and productivity. It is important to remember that these online tools are usually easy to use, and most digital marketers shouldn’t have any issues mastering the basics and then more.

So, how can online video editing help with your marketing strategy and refine your digital marketing performance? Here are some examples:

Consistent Branding

Video editing tools allow you to create consistent content with the same template you have made by using a custom color palette, your logo, fonts, and much more. When you edit your videos similarly, the brand’s profile looks more refined and professional. Not to forget that your followers will be able to recognize your content immediately.

Consistency is crucial for creating a brand identity. Having an established look also means being memorable. It is important because you will deal with competition on various social media platforms. Recognizable content can help you stand out. Don’t hesitate to create your unique look and use the same details repeatedly. The audience will stop scrolling and pay attention to your video when they spot your content in the feed.

Increased Productivity

Social media marketing is a fast-paced environment, so finding ways to be productive is a must when focusing on brand visibility. Daily posts seem to be the norm, which leads content creators to try different methods of staying on track.

Video editing software can completely revolutionize your output when used correctly. Of course, the whole process will go a lot faster once you learn the basics of editing and adding various filters and effects. Most importantly, the content will be ready in time, and you won’t feel drained or stressed.

Exceptional Visuals

Video content should attract your target audience and interest them in what you say or offer. Increasing the visual appeal of your posts can significantly improve a campaign and reach more people who want to engage with the brand.

Besides using a good camera to capture the footage, software can bring your content to the next level. Video editing apps offer various filters, overlays, and special effects that can make your videos more compelling. Adding gifs and animation is also a good idea to appeal to the younger generations.

Finding the Right Video Length

As you probably know, choosing the right video length depends on the social media platform you want to use. TikTok and Instagram Reels are perfect for shorter videos, while longer content can be found on Facebook and YouTube. When you upload a longer video on TikTok, the audience will likely scroll up and ignore what you have to say.

Video editors allow you to adjust video length and prepare the content for each platform. The software can help you create several video formats, including length and aspect ratios, depending on where you want to post. Consider uploading shorter versions to Instagram and TikTok, and then add a link to your YouTube channel for those who want a longer video or more information about a product.

Engaging Content

The audience’s attention span could be problematic when growing as a brand. People mindlessly scroll through their feeds, waiting for something captivating and unique. It is where you and your creativity come into play. Every good social media video needs a story or a theme. Making content with a real storyline builds stronger connections with your future and existing audience.

Of course, online video editors won’t provide you with the story, but they are there to make your video more engaging and aesthetically pleasing. Using the right audio files and editing can enhance the overall quality of the content and make someone stop scrolling to see what you have to offer. Use these details wisely and see how the engagement increases right away.

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