Voice Search! The Future of SEO

voice search

What is Voice Search?

Voice Search is a technologically advanced speech recognition feature that helps users to search results merely by saying aloud on contrary to typing them in the search field. This feature plays a significant role in Search Engine Optimization, nurturing user’s queries resolution.

Voice Search

Why It’s Important For Your Business

Many of the users might be thinking “Voice Search? My customers don’t use it!” Well just glance at the following facts:

  1. As per research by Voice labs 33 Million voice-first devices are in circulation today
  2. As per a survey of SEO Trends For 2017, Voice search stood at 3rd Spot
  3. Google CEO Sunder Pichai, in his keynote, announced about one-fifth queries on Google are voice searches.

So you may realise how rapidly the search results are transforming for every business. Jootoor Designs is setting a state-of-art platform for Voice Search SEO Company in Bangalore. As per reports, it is estimated by 2020 about 40,000 searches made per second will be voice search. It holds immense potential for all the industries out there. In order to get acquainted with the strategies to tap on your potential customers read our Recent Blog.

The prominent industries upon which is going to have maximum implication are as follows:

  1. Banking & Finance
  2. Retail & E-Commerce
  3. Education
  4. Transportation 
  5. Law & Order
  6. Healthcare
  7. HR & Marketing

Since by now you would be aware how much potential does results hold? You’d be probably wondering how it looks likes.

How Does it Works?

Voice Search Assistant

In short, Voice search results work in the form of reading the result appear as a featured snippet or more appropriately the one that holds “Position Zero”. Whenever we ask our Voice Search Assistant (Siri, Google Home, Amazon Echo/Alexa, Microsoft Cortana), they read out the information answered to your question appeared as a snippet. 

Here is the Alexa Demo

Jetson Powers Dukes NYC from Jetson on Vimeo.

Georges Fallah has written more about voice search. Click here to access the blog

Voice search for “Logo Design Services in Bangalore on Google and our Page would appear.

logo design voice search

Position Zero holds a great significance to business and consumer companies. Companies can extract multi-fold benefits out of Voice Search. However, it is necessary to know how rapidly these features are changing. Since Google works in order to provide the user with the best experience.

The Benefits of Voice Commands for Search

The rapid transformation in voice search technology in terms of clear and accurate search results has left user unambiguous. Despite the age group & language of voice query, one can attain the most refined results. Some of the prominent benefits are as follows:

  1. Faster results
  2. Improved click-through rate 
  3. Quick Image Searches
  4. Increased traffic on websites
  5. Greater brand visibility
  6. Easy and effective in terms of typing search
  7. Smart and versatile searches in our day-to-day apps
  8. Agile to use
  9. Accurate search results for queries
  10. Enhanced Brand Awareness
  11. Higher scope for conversion & Sales

 Voice Search Applications Results?

  1. People are looking forward to creating “Smart Hub” through incorporating all their smart devise (Phones, Tablets, TV’s, Speakers, Lighting & Temperature Controlling devices)
  2. Many universities are including Alexa in order to assists students with necessary information’s.
    • Today’s Class Schedule
    • Tuition Payment Information 
    • Meal card Balance
    • Alarms before their classes
    • Finding food and services in the vicinity
  3. Marriott and Amazon have come under a partnership to incorporate “Alexa for Hospitality” at their hotels worldwide.
    • Ordering Towels
    • Controlling room Temperatures
    • Checking Out
    • Finding local restaurants & Attraction spots
  4. Voice Search results are made High Tech Wearables smaller, Lighter & Smart
  5. Voice Searches have made pioneering developments in the healthcare industry by making it convenient, efficient & accessible.

More than 20% of search queries are triggered by a combination of only 25 keywords.

Trigger WordsCount% of Total

Where do users keep their devices at home?

voice search devices at home

NPR and Edison Research
Source: NPR and Edison Research


 “Voice Search isn’t that fancy thing as the “Internet” was in the 90s. Technology has evolved both in terms of hardware & software. As per research, the data consumption expected to rise by 175 Billion in 2025. Jootoor Designs is among the prominent Voice Search SEO agency Bangalore. Voice Results SEO in future goanna hold a significant part of total data consumption. As the grounds of results are changing, so does arises the need for a different strategy. Early adopters of Voice Search will hold a significant position for future” 

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