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The rise in industrialisation and modernisation has driven us away to a certain extent from our physical and mental health. Best wellness brand on the other is playing a significant role in empowering and inspiring people to be concern about their health. New entrants in the market can leave a prominent impact with the modern wellness logo design services offered by Jootoor designs.

Check below for revolutionising logo wellness Designs for 2023

Various segments have been bifurcated into them, prominent of which are health food stores, yoga centers, day spas & treatment centers. Among many wellness industries, they have been in the most demand. Here we have provided the most prominent logo designs viewers can expect in the coming decade.

Eksir Health

The brand Eksir Health is a firm dealing with mental issues and assists people with their Psychiatric issues. Glancing at their Logo, one can get the idea that it consists of two elements. One is the brand shape, and it’s accompanied by an ECG sign.

Eksir Health logo design

Since mental health is co-related with the brain and heart, these logo leaves a significant impact on good emotional health. The excellent combination of green & blue color signifies socialization and emotional health. The most prominent thing about this logo is its unique representation through linear art.

Higher State

The Higher State’s Logo provides an excellent example of how the wellness logo has evolved over time. Rather than choosing old-school conventional symbols to present things, they have imbibed brains to connect things.

Higher State

The designer has responsibly expressed the brand ideology of providing training to people. The logo is mainly bifurcated into two segments of the brain, the Left expressing creativity, whereas the Right expressing calculations. These logos bring on board a very specific segment of a fresh look to the ideology and look of the brand. We at Jootoor Designs provide some very fantastic wellness logo designs to assist your branding.


The brand Bondzest offers online assistance to personals facing issues related to family relationships. A marketplace for therapists and clients. Looking at the logo one can feel the conjunction of two hearts.

BondzestThe creativity of the designer is reflected and the logo reflects the assimilation of family. A sense of protectiveness is reflected through the heart-shaped logo, which is undoubtedly the most appealing logo of the wellness industry.

Hot Box

The brand works in offering sauna services to people in order to detox their bodies. The logo of the brand with the fire symbol quite signifies its brand sauna services.

Hot Box

Whereas logo quite effectively represents a sauna room with big square size backed by fire touch. Sophisticated colours such as orange, yellow & grey offer a unique touch to logo.


This is certainly a new brand dealing in wellness with issues related to panic attacks and anxiety. People suffering from this mental condition need to keep themselves as calm as possible.

The way of expression to this condition through the golden heart is one of the best capability of this brand. The designer has done extensive work in conveying a message of strong body and mind. Such logos are very effective for brands looking forward to targeting a specific segment of populations.


The company is primarily into sales of CBD products. CBD is famous for its anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety and various therapeutic benefits. The illustration of such benefits, it can be effectively done by depicting a cannabis tree. A simple yet conveying logo can be effective for branding and marketing of the company in an almost elegant manner. Jootoor Designs offer some very extensive Logo Design Services in India.

Heal like a mother

The brand is a community looking after women’s mental condition after suffering from postpartum depression and other complications. The community is deeply involved in offering support and healing therapies. The logo depicts a mother taking care of her baby.

Veronica Whetsel

This is a brand involved in providing services in association with therapeutic yoga and physical therapy. The team helps patients to get relief in neck pain, arthritis and back pain.

The logo is featured with yoga asana and green leaves. Just by a glance at the logo, a sense of light and hope arises. Whereas colours like green and maroon depict health and passion. It is one of the exciting logos associated with yoga and health.

Daly Wellness

The logo depicts clean text written in two fonts. The ideology and business of the brand lie in nutrition and personal training. The very idea behind the logo is to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Every element of the logo signifies a healthy and robust male body. Whereas conventional leaves and chains act as secondary elements, the muscular body clearly delivers the message of the brand.

CBD Demand

The brand is completely involved in the business of CBD products to promote health and wellness. CBD is an integral part of the Medical Marijuana Industry and specifically targets the age group of 20 to the elderly.

There lies some seriousness in the logo of the brand. The significant presence of black and green colour depicts health and power. Colours play a predominant role in this logo design and deliberately spread the idea of health and wellness.


The brand Thrive is predominantly involved in wellness and chiropractic business. The logo is styled in complete caps lettering style logo with no cursive type font. A simple yet effective logo is easy to understand.

A simple circle backed with many circles bring on board the minimalistic approach of wellness designs. Imbibing minimum aspects in logo yet leaving significant impact is one of the secrets to success of this logo.


This is one of the interventional pain management industry. The looks signify a simple yet beautiful vibe. Yet it comprises of some fun element into it. Since medicines and doctor are serious sectors for which many are not joyful. The fun element added into logo boost viewers morale and brings on board a painless treatment. Are you looking forward to catapulting your branding through latest 2020 Logo Designs? Jootoor Designs could be your partner in success.

Twin Flakes

“Twin Flakes” is among the company that offers shamanic and Reiki services affecting bodily energies. The logo of the brand is in the form of a tree which signifies epicentre of energy. The combination of red, as well as green colour, signify passion as well as good health.

Brands starting a unique business need to have unique logos in order to offer a clear perspective of brand ideology. This logo stands perfectly on this stand offering a logo which completely resonates with their brand ideology, services and business model.

Mineral Life

It is one of the firms offering a diversified service in health & wellness. The blue colour in brans resonates a sense of intelligence and friendliness among the viewers. Since emotions are greatly responsible for one’s wellbeing.

Various diversified shades of blue offer visual contrast to a spectator along with bringing one board a feeling of health as well as wellness. Offering a very different side-lines from other logo’s it is quite crisp, clean and fresh.


This is the company involved in evidence-based Supplement Company. Looking upon the logo one can see how simple logo is, but equally professional.

The success of this logo stands for its quality to creativity assimilate nature as well as science. The core message of yoga studio can be effectively resonated from the logo design.

BTO Wellness

The company “BTO” goes by “Beat The Odds”. The vision of this company is to specially target obese and overweight Americans. It aims at providing plans for the patients who regain lost weight within the span of three years.

Brands logo symbolises a lion head figure in its logo. Strong vibes of fight and dominance can be expected through the logo. A viewer looking at Logo is expected to attain motivation by just glancing at the figure. The logo resonates an excellent combination of health and wellness by motivating target audience.


The company is involved in creating a community which supports females on various fronts. With the ideology to assists, every female attains a height of success. The colour pink is their dominant colour in encouraging women entrepreneurs. The letters in the logo are slim but plump enough to be clearly visible. The designer of the logo has made it feminine enough to reach out to the target audience.


This is a company known for its holistic approach in offering consulting services. The logo comprises of conventional symbols conveying a brand message. The symbol represents a bird that has head forward with legs leaned backwards. Brands effectively play with the cultural as well as conventional elements to gain attention.

TruRelief CBD

This firm is involved in services reducing induced pain to patients with natural mediums. In order to glance brand ideology, the designer has infused joyous and happy figure.

The medical aid sign of the symbol backs the value of caring in the logo. The viewer can predominantly find blue and green colours infused. A sense of care and ecstasy can be detained from it.

Arise CBD

The company is involved in selling CBD related products. The designer over here has made emphasis on single colour incomplete logo. The very raw product, Marijuana leaf has been their predominant symbol in the logo. The ascending lines replicate the company name “Arise” in the Logo.

The Well

The company is involved in the coaching of business owners. With the primary business model, the company needed a modified Logo design. The logo comprises of a symbol of the drop, signifying purity of spirit. On glance logo, one can find how beautifully the initials of the company have been carved out.


The company is basically involved in enhancing the psychology of people. The logo is simple to the core, but very effectively aspires nature and spirituality.

Yet completely avoiding any type of styles and designs, the logo stands apart itself. This type of logo imbibes a feeling of expert services from the business owner.


“We are all set and furbished to leap into a new decade. Why restrain our branding and logo? Jootoor Designs have brought some very extensive designs for the wellness industry in 2020. Adding some very latest designs and patterns with an infusion of mind-boggling colour combinations is going to be a strategy for wellness industry”

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