What are the most essential Chrome extensions for SEO Professionals?

Here, you can learn about different chrome extensions for SEO that benefit your business.
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Every SEO professional seeks to get things done efficiently and at a faster pace and ensures not to miss small and essential details. For that, you need smart work ideas, and a Google Chrome extension for SEO is an exceptional idea for you. You love these Google chrome extensions once you use them, and definitely, these useful extensions save you time and money.

Getting the best Google Chrome extensions for SEO professionals is a job that requires some effort and time. The reason why Chrome is such an essential platform for SEO is that it has an open-source platform.

Google Chrome extensions are the helpful tools you need to install into your Chrome for better functionality. It allows you to access extensive features that make you simplify your work. There are a lot of free extensions that you must know to narrow down your requirements in advance.

Installing Chrome extensions helps you do SEO practices effectively like on-page SEO, keyword research, ranking check, competitor analysis, and many more. If you see a survey, you find out many SEP professionals use chrome extensions for better results.

I think now you got a clear idea of how chrome extensions help you. Additionally, it allows marketers to track their results. Here are the incredible chrome extensions for you. Why late, have a look.

Exceptional chrome extensions for SEO

So, what are the best Google Chrome extensions for SEO pros? There are several, actually. And each one can be useful to your business, depending on its use. Here is a look at a few of the best Google Chrome extension options:

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The SEMrush is one of the latest and greatest Chrome extensions offering a broad range dashboard of all essential tools that helps the overall performance of the corresponding domain and the landing page. You can analyze the backlinks effectively and can keep track of your results. Also, the on-page SEO provides you with the best and unique targeted strategies that drive results.

Install SEMRush Extension

SEO Quake

SEOquake is also one of the best free SEO chrome extensions by Semrush. It helps you with the key SEO metrics, keyword analysis, and a complete SEO audit of web pages you visit.

  • You can have a thorough analysis of SERPs
  • You can have an SEO summary of webpages
  • Allows you to examine external and internal links
  • It helps you in comparing domains and URLs in real-time
  • You can estimate the keyword difficulty
  • You can have detailed and structured keywords report of webpages

Install SEO Quake 


Moz powers it. It’s an exceptional tool that allows you to view and analyze web page analytics within seconds while on your browser. As said, it’s the best tool and an essential tool for SEO. It helps you in your SEO research purpose. You can get the page authority and domain authority of a website, gives you the relevant keywords and helps you in analyzing competition, and allows you to analyze the nature of backlinks.

Install MozBar Extension

Keywords Everywhere

Free Keywords Everywhere SEO chrome extension provides three different information types for keywords on Google. Like, monthly search volume, cost per click, and Google Adwords competition of keywords entered in Google search.

Install Keywords Everywhere


It’s a simple and most crucial chrome extension that allows you to access precarious SEO data points of any website and helps you unlock the growth channels and keywords.

Here, you can discover the best-performing keywords, keyword ranking difficulty score, backlink data, backlink data, domain authority, page word count, Facebook ads, and many more.

Install growthbar


BuzzSumo tool helps you in tracking SEO for social. Here, you can easily track shares and best and top-performing content on social media pages. Installing BuzzSumo supports and assists future SEO decisions and can check the backlinks that you provide on your pages.

Install BuzzSumo


Ahrefs extension helps you in examining the website properties with the SEO toolbar in Chrome. It provides you with keywords, links, and ranking profiles that help enhance SEO improvements on your website. If you seek a detailed report on an SEO metric, just click on it.

Install Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

Google Trends

Google Trends is enclosed with Google Webmaster tools. It comes with a set of extension tools that helps you in developing websites and integrating them with Google. It makes the analytics and using graphics on the top of the Search engine page. You can also analyze the SEO performance of the website here.

SEO Meta in 1 Click

The name itself gives an idea of what precisely this extension is; SEO Meta in 1 click chrome extension allows you to fetch all Meta tags and other essential SEO data of a webpage with a button click.

SEO data information involves components like title and description length, URL, headers in sequence, and the count of images excluding alt text.

Install SEO Meta in 1 Click


One extension that can help your SEO efforts is called KeywordSpy. This extension will find common but obscure keywords related to your site’s content and display them in the search result. For example, when someone searches for “mattress,” the program will show you the most commonly used keywords. This way, visitors will have an easier time finding your website. It is an excellent tool for SEO pros and beginners alike.

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Another excellent Google Chrome extension is called Revolver. The extension works just like Revue from Google, only that it is more advanced and will allow you to create and manage your own Revue instances. For example, you can organize all of your sites by category. You can specify which sites should show in the search results. You can even set restrictions or filters for the search. With this extension, you can ensure that you never miss a single keyword.

SEO checker by Sitechecker

This is a free extension for performing a On-Page SEO Audit. By running the extension, you will get an in-depth SEO analysis report of the current page. The report contains information about various aspects including content optimization, where you can evaluate the length of Title and Description, scrutinize the list of titles and evaluate keyword density. In addition, the report identifies external and internal links, highlighting any redirects or broken links.

Install SEO checker in 1 Click

Social Bookmarking Site

This Google Chrome extension is actually a social bookmarking site itself. That is, it features an “advice” button for users to share their knowledge and expertise on a specific topic. Every time someone uses the button to share their opinion or expertise, a “thank you” button will appear beneath their post.

Google Search Memo

A Google Search Memo extension is also worth considering. Like Revolver, this lets you specify which sites should appear in the search results. You can even set restrictions or filters for the search. However, like KeywordSpy, this does not control what you see in the search results. This extension was made by Marmoset Software, a company known for its spam detection software.

Google Web History

A Google Web History Extension is yet another exciting extension. This tool provides visitors with a detailed overview of a user’s past website activity. It shows various details such as the number of pages viewed, most popular links, most visited tags, and much more. To use this extension, you will need to create a Google profile and key in your private information. After you have created your account, you can then install this extension.

Google Now

Google Now is also a popular Google Chrome extension. This new feature pulls all of your most visited websites into one easy-to-access interface. When you open this extension up, it will present a list of your most recently visited websites. You can choose which site you would like to open it up to. This extension was developed by Google and is extremely easy to use.

Concluding Words

The Google Chrome extensions mentioned above are simply designed to help you get the most out of Google. Each extension helps Google perform a specific task, allowing you to focus on more important matters such as making money.

There are some other valuable extensions available, but these are the best that are currently available. These extensions were all designed to provide Google with a better experience while using their website.

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