Internet Commerce, mostly called eCommerce, is a term used to describe a business that happens on the internet. People can buy or sell online without the need for a physical presence. Even the transfer of money and data happens through the internet. In short, eCommerce is the term that describes any kind of commercial activity that is facilitated through the internet. Well, do not get confused with eCommerce and e-businesses.

E-commerce has been in existence since 1994, but fast-forwarding to the year 2020, an estimation of about 27.2% of people around the globe prefers to purchase online. There are various theories and statistics that show the increased graph of eCommerce activities, especially during this pandemic. People are compelled to carry out their business online, and better to say, there is a sudden surge after the breakout of Covid-19. With that brief introduction, let us now proceed to learn more about eCommerce platforms.

Web Design and eCommerce

• Growth of eCommerce
• E-commerce web design
• Creating Brand
Importance of SEO
• Build Trust

Growth of eCommerce

One of the major pros of eCommerce is Convenience. Unless you stay in a poor connectivity area, you have access to the internet every hour and every minute. And the outcome is people turn to the internet to make their purchases, and thus the importance of eCommerce platforms like Amazon is increasing day after day.

As technology advances, the convenience of using eCommerce platforms also increases. As long as your e-store is easy to access and fully functional, people don’t look back to purchase from your store.

E-commerce Web Design


Now, when the trend changes from offline to online, the infrastructure of your store does not matter anymore. What matters is the user-friendly design of your website, whether it is up to the mark to handle website traffic and conversions. People visiting your website is just not enough, but when they make purchases, your website is worthy!

A reliable website design allows easy navigation to all your sections, just like how easy it is in a Mega Mart for you to approach for the item you are looking for. Similar features of a Mega Mart, your website is a shopfront now! Check whether the design is appealing, are your products displayed properly?

Now, when the design is ready, think from the perspective of a customer. Visit your website and calculate the probability of you making the purchase from the e-store. Is it easy to locate the products, and is it easy to register when you are inside? When creating a website design, these are the primary factors to be kept in mind. If you are still in confusion, you can contact Jootoor Designs today. We offer website development services too!

Creating a Brand

Though your marketing team puts every effort possible to create an awareness of your brand, again it is the website that impacts to the maximum. Because no matter how good your marketing is, at the end of the day, a good web design is what makes people purchase from your brand.

Having said that, your website should contain every information, and when communicated adequately, purchases happen, and sales flourish. Make a note, even the minute details count! Because the information you put on the website helps in gaining the trust of the visitors, eventually who are your customers. A unified identity is created when all these work together.

You wouldn’t have started your business if there is nothing unique about it. Of course, there are many competitors already existing, and there are many coming up in the future. That is why you need to create your guidelines, mission, and vision. Creating is not enough, you have to put that in action and convey the same to the audiences.

Now how do you convey? Social Media of course. Create posts, images, and videos, which communicate the services effectively and make sure it first reaches to the right audience group, because that matters. This way the identity of your business is initiated.

Importance of SEO

As already mentioned, you are not the only brand in the race. There are hell lot of businesses and brands out there on the internet. Giving or estimating the numbers is just a mere waste of time. So, you need to do something…sorry, you need to do everything to make your product and services stand out in the market. You are initiating a business; hence, it is your responsibility to attract customers.

You may not be the only one in the race, but make sure you win the race. The best and the first way to promote your business is by making your brand appear on top of the search engine result. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial. Probably everyone must be aware of the term but not sure how to do it? SEO experts at Jootoor Designs are well aware of what influences search engine rankings. Only the right ones make it right.

Driving traffic for your website is not the only thing, so connect with us today. We help you build responsive e-stores with end-to-end support.

Build Trust

People require convincing reasons to invest money in your brand and what makes it more difficult is the communication that happens over the internet. If security is a major concern, the other one is that buying online does not give people the same experience of buying offline. Because they can neither touch nor feel the quality of the product you are offering.

This is an obstacle for sure, and you need to gain trust. An appealing website with the right content and information will influence this requirement. Let us find out how?

  • By presenting the track records
  • Mentioning the case studies of the customers, they are the best ones who showcase your ability
  • Citing clear-cut return policies
  • Through Testimonials
  • By showing the transparency of your services

While these are just some of the ways, with these key points, a visitor can be comforted and can be influenced to make a purchase from your brand.

To summarize… E-commerce is likely to evolve in the coming years establishing a more augmented reality experience. Who knows, technology may take a different step offering the visitors to try out the products virtually. Whatever it may be, the website has its own part to perform. So, hiring the best eCommerce developers is crucial.

Jootoor Designs is the right choice to turn your ideas into a reliable web design. Right from designing and developing, to drafting content, SEO strategizing, and digital marketing, we offer end-to-end support. Do not think twice if you need a high-end custom website at affordable pricing. Connect with us now.

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