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Need for Responsive Design?

The purpose behind growth and development of “Responsive Design” can be explained with the help of the following example:

Consider a conventional “fixed” website. For a moment, while seen on a desktop computer, the website might show 3 columns. But when viewed on a smaller tablet, it might compel you to scroll horizontally. This is very irritating for the users. Sometimes, in such case, some elements may get concealed from view or look inaccurate. The influence is also complex by the fact that a number of tablets can be used either turned sideways for landscape view or in the portrait orientation.

Now comes the tiny smartphones, on which analysing these websites becomes a cumbersome task and challenging at the same time.

On a tiny smartphone screen, sites can get even more difficult to see. Sometimes, the large and high-resolution images will break the layout and makes it very slow to load on the mobile. The graphics are high for a desktop website which deteriorates the look on the smartphones.

Hence, the need for responsive design emerged.

What Is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive Web design is a form of design approach which recommends to design and develop the design according to the requirement of the user’s environment and behaviour is the approach that suggests that development and design should respond to the user’s behaviour and environment depending on screen orientation, size, and platform.
The design practice typically includes:

  • a blend of images,
  • flexible grids and layouts,
  • and a smart utilisation of CSS media queries.

While using the different devices by the user, the website layout should adaptively switch between laptop, iPad or mobile layout. The website changes itself according to the user’s device’s resolution, image size and scripting abilities.
The website should adopt the technology which can consider the stings of devices such as VPN or iOS on the user’s iPad. If the website follows the technology which spontaneously responds to the user’s preferences. This will help to eradicate the need for a different design and advancement phase for each new gadget launched in the market.

How does responsive website design work?

website design

The main working principle behind the Responsive web design is through Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). This means to use various settings in order to provide different style assets differing with the screen size, orientation, resolution, colour capability and other characteristics of the user’s device.

Right from start-ups to the already established businesses, all are inclined towards the usage of Responsive website design. As it adds several different aspect ratios to the website which can be viewed on desktop, mobile and tablets seamlessly.

In the market, there are several companies which offer these services for companies. Mastering the latest tools and techniques, these companies will develop appealing and user-friendly web applications and web sites for its clients. These developers are experts in their work and help online merchants to develop their website in a productive way. This will help online merchants to display their website perfectly on the devices of customers. Hence, reaching out developers for creating the website is a fantastic idea to create a customer-friendly website.

Benefits of choosing responsive design for your website include:

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