Why You Need AI & ML for SEO Success in 2020

Why You Need AI & ML for SEO Success in 2020

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning have been a hot topic in various industries. Digital marketing space and more specifically SEO, has been revamping with fundamental changes. Search Engine Optimisation has undergone extensive changes with the sole objective of landing on the first page. Various SEO companies near me have been going shoulder-to-shoulder to provide the best user experience.

Intelligent technologies have been revamping dynamic industries to create engaging content around multiple platforms and devices. With basic tools like keyword optimization, link building and optimization of meta-tags are still crucial. Incorporating intelligent technologies with Social media and seamless mobile search, Google is on a quest to offer state-of-the-art user experience.

How AI & ML Will Influence SEO?

  1. Virtual Reality
  2. Video Content
  3. AI-powered Tools
  4. Anchor Text Profile
  5. Technical SEO
  6. Big Data
  7. Knowledge Graphs

The technical nature of AI has made itself a prominent solution to be utilised for the SEO world. With consistent changes, automatizing user experience is what holds in the future. Let’s have a detailed study of the aspects where Machine learning will thorough it’s leveraging experience.

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01) The Reality of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is all about creating a memorable experience. The exciting journey it takes users along with it has opened various opportunities for marketers. Although it is still limited to certain sections of society, the Gaming Industry has already attained various accolades.

With content being the “KING”, like forever. In today’s everyone wishes to be part of the story, message which Virtual Reality seamlessly offers.

Action Tips

  • Keep your VR Experience fresh and relevant
  • Engage with your social media following through VR
  • Create some fantastic VR campaigns for your brand advocates over the online platform
  • Create a mesmerising experience for your audience by incorporating VR in printed literature like Business
  • Card, Banners, Brochures and Leaflets.

02) The Power of Video

Indexing Video over search engines has never been great, since the incorporation of ML & AI in our day to day lifestyle. The opportunities marketers and content creators prevail through SEO are today magnanimous than ever. This trend has lead influencers to create highly optimised content. 

The diversified algorithms incorporated through artificial learning has opened gates for SEO optimised Video content. Social media specialists have already acknowledged the driving force of live video broadcasts. If you are looking forward to embedding these videos, keep these actions tips in mind

Action Tips

  • Create more relevant video content, to appear within first page results
  • Ensure that the shared video is best amongst all
  • Make sure you have added transcripts of your video, it helps in ranking in higher page.

artificial intelligence

03) AI-powered tool for SEO

In close to 3234 Improvements were made by Google in SEO guidelines for the year 2018. It’s high time to choose an Artificial Intelligence-powered SEO tool to boost your content marketing initiatives.  Components like Siri, Alexa to Google Home come with power-packed AI technology has been the backbone to SEO in 2020. 

Action Tips

  • Focus on Business Analytics, ensure that the content created resolves users query.
  • Build yourself a topic authority, it offers extensive organic visibility and higher conversions
  • Analyse your content semantics, this offers an actual point of concerns between your competitor. 
  • Maintain your topic authority with free sematic topic generator backed by NLP Algorithms. 

04) Anchor Text Profile

Anchor texts are the one that creates the hyperlink, more prominently used when creating backlinks. The anchor text we use is crucial for linking. Google often use it in ranking and also effects keyword you need to focus. Keyword density often influences your anchor text profile. 

Action Tips

  • Ensure to create a user engaging content, leading to higher interaction & commenting 
  • Prevent your webpage content from Auto-Generated & Duplicate content
  • Regularly test & track your anchor texts for its performance on SEO standards.

05) Technical SEO

It is crucial to make sure to Google how technically strong your business. it is all done by optimizing on broken links, HTTP status, code errors, microdata & schema mark-up. This technical side is more important for SEO, other than the user. When Google uses it’s machine learning algorithms, your site is “complete” on every term. 

Action Tips

  • Have a flawless Domain History & Site status
  • Keep your Robots.txt file & XML Sitemap up-to-date.

more about Technical SEO

06) User Experience

The search engine has turned more intuitive and influencing never than before. Incorporating Artificial Intelligence in search engines has led to a more predictive linking and engagement patterns of a site. Prominently search engines like Google are more diverging to user experience. Below mentioned are the important tips for ranking on google terms

Action Tips

  • Focus on Organic Click-Through Rate, or the number of users clicks over your provided result. 
  • Calibrate on the dwell time and the duration of time a user spends on your site
  • Analyse upon the bounce rate or more prominently what number of users immediately leave your site upon arrival. 
  • Keep a tab on how often users go with Pogo-Sticking.

07) Knowledge Graphs

With data getting bigger day by day, knowledge and its service have been the main criteria for google in this era. Launch of “The Knowledge Graph” in 2012. It can be termed as a centre of information, catered to serve more and users. The sidebar designed for users to have a piece of quick information, rather than going through every website. 

To appear over these bars one has to be validated form google. Artificial intelligence algorithms in Google will scan your company data or social media accounts provided in the company’s description. 

Action Tips

  • Have your webpage presence on Wikipedia & Wikidata
  • Create social media profiles for your company
  • Implement schema markup for your site 
  • Keep a strong tab of quality of content and format
  • Brief conclusion & sufficient call to actions


Not so long fancy words like “Artificial Intelligence” & “Machine Learning”, were part of some sci-fi movie. Today AI & ML have revamped the way SEO worked. It has opened the gates for the event to push the horizons to a newer extent. Incorporating the latest AI-backed SEO tools will open the gateway to outreach their competitors.

The team at Jootoor Designs comprises of SEO experts in Bangalore with a complete acquaintance of futuristic technologies. We help brands leverage Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to expand their business.

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