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Winter Color

Winter Color

Winter color palettes are usually composed of colors that evoke a feeling of coldness, such as blues, purples, and whites. Other colors, such as reds and oranges, can also be used to create a more vibrant look. Natural colors, from the colors of snow and ice, are also popular choices for winter color palettes.

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Winter Color Palettes

winter mountains color palettes
Cloud #CECAC8 | Bunker #101B1C | Nandor #4E5D59 | Salt Box #67626D
snowy forest
Shady Lady #B1ACAF | Charade #1D1F29 | Emperor #4E4247 | Dorado #645553


  • Icy Blue
    : #B0E0E6
    RGB: (176, 224, 230)
    CMYK: (23, 2, 0, 10)
  • Frosty White
    : #F5F5F5
    RGB: (245, 245, 245)
    CMYK: (0, 0, 0, 4)
  • Snowy Silver
    : #DCDCDC
    RGB: (220, 220, 220)
    CMYK: (0, 0, 0, 14)
  • Evergreen
    HEX: #00563F
    RGB: (0, 86, 63)
    CMYK: (100, 0, 27, 66)
  • Frostbite
    HEX: #87CEEB
    RGB: (135, 206, 235)
    CMYK: (42, 12, 0, 8)

These colors reflect the serene and chilly essence often associated with the winter season, from the cool blues and icy tones to the hints of warmth and evergreen hues that complement the wintry landscape.

Color FAQ’s

1. Snowy Neutrals: White, cream, beige, tan, gray, silver
2. Winter Wonderland: White, blue, silver, gray, black
3. Frosty Blues: Blue, gray, white, silver, navy
4. Winter Spruce: Green, gray, navy, brown, burgundy
5. Cozy Reds: Red, maroon, burgundy, cranberry, pink
6. Chilly Purples: Lavender, mauve, lilac, plum, periwinkle
7. Silver and Gold: Silver, gold, white, beige, gray
8. Winter Berry: Red, pink, burgundy, purple, navy

Rich, warm colors such as burgundy, navy blue, olive green, camel, and brown are best for winter skin tones. Neutral shades like black, taupe, gray, and ivory are also flattering.


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